General Business Counsel Services

Many small- to mid-sized companies like yours cannot afford to hire a full-time, in-house legal team, but as your enterprise grows, you will face the same employment, compliance, customer relations and contractual issues that confront large corporations. Therefore, Cole Law Group offers a General Counsel Services program that will help you avoid legal disruptions and make your legal budget more predictable.

For a monthly retainer-based fee, you can have a Brentwood lawyer with experience in the business sector available to guide you in strategic decision-making and to assist you with day-to-day legal and business issues. The flat-rate fee and a customized program will be mutually agreed upon after we sit down with you to thoroughly review your special project or ongoing business needs.

Such a proactive environment allows you to have consistent representation by a business attorney who is familiar with your company and who will be on call to address your concerns in a timely manner.

We offer our General Council Services to entrepreneurial startups as well as established enterprises.

Call us today to discuss thorough, dedicated counsel for your business launch and ongoing operations. Call 615-490-6020.