Condominium And HOA

Are you having a dispute with your HOA? Are other parties to a Condominium contract not holding up their end of the bargain? Do you need legal advice to ensure your HOA does not subject you to liability? Are you forming an HOA and unsure of all the legal requirements?

If you answered affirmatively to any of the above questions or have other Condominium and HOA law needs, please give us a call at (615) 490-6020.

If you have been negatively affected by the results of an HOA decision or are in the process of negotiating a Condominium or HOA contract yourself, it is important for you to have legal representation in order to protect your interests. Cole Law Group is here to assist you in dealing with your HOA, in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and/or in seeking remedy or damages for Condominium and HOA Disputes.

Condominium and HOA law is a multi-faceted field that often encompasses many legal practice areas. Furthermore, there are often many parties involved including renters, owners, contractors, residents, HOA boards, HOA attorneys, suppliers, and sureties. We are ready and able to assist any parties involved with Condominium and HOA dispute resolution.

Our lawyers are experienced with a broad range of disputes that can arise in Condominium and HOA law:

  • Disputes arising between an HOA and residents
  • Contract disputes
  • HOA Voting disputes
  • Drafting bylaws and contracts
  • Determining rights and obligations under agreements
  • Litigating claims from Condominium-related accidents
  • Litigating claims related to a breach of contract

Please give us a call at (615) 490-6020 in order to learn more about Cole Law Group Condominium and HOA law services.