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Divorce can be inherently complicated. From dividing property and assets to determining child custody, alimony, and spousal support, each decision you make has a lifelong impact. For couples with substantial wealth, the divorce process can become exceedingly complex as high stakes are on the line. If you are contemplating a high net worth divorce, it is critical that you carefully choose a team of attorneys and support professionals to be on your side.

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What Is Divided In A High Net Worth Divorce?

Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital assets are to be divided fairly. However, that does not mean a 50/50 split. At their discretion, Tennessee divorce courts ultimately determine what they consider to be an equitable division of assets.

One primary issue is whether the asset is "marital property" or "separate property." Marital property (all tangible or intangible property acquired by either spouse during the duration of the marriage) is subject to equitable distribution. On the other hand, separate property (i.e. gifts, bequests, inheritances, property acquired before marriage, and personal injury awards) is not.

When all marital assets and debts are clearly defined, the equitable division of assets must be negotiated.

Assets that may be disputed in a complex divorce include the following:

  • Joint cash and savings accounts
  • Investments and investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts, pensions, and 401(k)s
  • Real estate holdings
  • Valuable personal property (vehicles, jewelry, art, etc.)
  • Family businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Stock options

If you choose Cole Law Group to handle your high net worth divorce case, our Brentwood divorce attorneys will fight for your financial security, well-being, and fair portion of marital assets. If necessary, we will enlist the services of a professional appraiser to accurately assess the value of real property, a business or professional practice, stock options, investment accounts, and valuables.

Identifying Hidden Assets

Many times, especially in high net worth cases, a spouse attempts to hide certain assets in order to maintain full control of them. It is critical that all hidden assets are brought to light for fair division of marital assets. If deemed necessary, your Cole Law Group divorce attorney will enlist the help of forensic accountants to trace assets that you believe are being concealed.

Protect Your Financial Well-Being

Having a team of legal and financial professionals behind you at this time may be critical in order for you to receive a fair distribution of assets. Together we can help you develop a plan to avoid the mistakes people often make in navigating high net worth divorce. We provide professional, determined, and discreet representation.

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