What Happens To The House In A Divorce?

Ownership of the marital residence can become a significant hurdle for divorcing spouses. This is often the case because one or both spouses assign more than just a monetary value to the house. They may also have a strong emotional attachment to it as their home.

A determination of who keeps the house and maintains it, and the financial impact of that decision, is important because keeping the house can be a drain on the family's budget and financial future. At Cole Law Group we help clients throughout the Nashville area find practical solutions to property division and divorce disputes that allow them to move on with their lives. We can provide the same counsel for you.

We Will Find A Resolution That Works For You

Just like any other asset, there will need to be a designation of the house's marital and non-marital value. For example, you may have purchased the house in your name before marriage, but during the marriage your spouse was in charge of maintaining the home and taking care of the kids while you worked. In this type of scenario, it may not be a simple matter of the house being yours alone.

If you are still raising minor children in the home, judges will want to minimize disruption to the children's lives as much as possible. This could mean that the custodial parent, who the children live with the most, will reside in the home and the other parent will contribute to the mortgage until the children turn 18.

Our divorce lawyers will work with financial experts to determine a proper valuation of the marital residence to ensure an equitable distribution of assets. We will also help you determine if it is financially feasible for either of you to continue living in the home. Other viable solutions may include one spouse buying out the other's share of the property, or the house being sold and any profit equitably distributed between the two of you.

We are more than ready to advocate for your rights to the house before a judge. However, we will advise you in an honest and straightforward manner if we feel that fighting for the house is not in your best interest.

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