Immigration Services For Businesses And Investors

The coming years promise to be a time of great upheaval for the U.S. immigration system. For individuals trying to make their way legally to the United States, or for business owners who want to hire foreign workers, a great deal of turmoil and confusion awaits. Foreign investors who want to gain permanent residency in order to grow their companies in the United States will also encounter a seemingly endless web of red tape in attempting to achieve their goals.

The immigration team at Cole Law Group can help businesses, not only in the Nashville area, but throughout the United States, resolve issues surrounding job opportunities for immigrant workers. We offer all of the experience, knowledge and resources of a large law firm while providing the personal service and consistent communication that you can expect from a boutique firm.

Providing Customized Services And Solutions For Foreign Investors

For foreign investors who wish to immigrate to the United States and put their money to work, there are typically two choices through the EB-5 program. Both require a commitment of capital resources, and the government will require extensive information about your business plans and your ability to create full-time jobs.

The two most common petitions are:

  • I-924: This form is filed by U.S. businesses for creating what is known as an EB-5 regional center that can receive money from multiple foreign investors. These areas are geographically limited and can be privately or publicly run. An EB-5 regional center may be the right choice for an investor who does not want to take such a direct role in managing his or her investment.
  • I-526: This petition is for immigrants who want to come to the United States to be entrepreneurs. While the amount you must invest will vary by region, the U.S. government uses $1 million as a baseline. In some lower income areas, known as targeted employment areas, you will only need to invest $500,000. I-526 is the better choice for entrepreneurs who want to take a hands-on role in managing their investments.

The above petitions can take months to successfully complete, and there are endless opportunities for errors along the way if you do not have the right representation. We work with our clients to help them find the right investment opportunity that works for them and will help them gain U.S. residency.

Helping Businesses Hire Skilled Workers

Cole Law Group also counsels established businesses regarding the process of hiring foreign highly skilled employees. Our lawyers and paralegals can handle all of the paperwork and ensure you are doing everything correctly to allow your new employees to contribute to your company and the United States.

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