Intellectual Property

Do you have a symbol, image or slogan you want to protect that will identify your brand? Has someone used a likeness of your trademarked material in such a way as to affect your business? Do you have a song that you want to copyright? Are there any indispensable formulas or procedures you use to make your product that give your company an edge?

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Intellectual property (IP) law deals with protecting the rights of individuals who, through mental labor, have created an original product. Generally speaking, trademarks protect a symbol or a name that identifies a particular producer of goods and/or services. Copyrights protect works of expression, such as written or artistic pieces and the rights to reproduce, display or create derivative works based thereon. Trade secrets are any particular formula, technique, process, or sensitive marketing information that provides a particular company with an advantage in the marketplace.

If you have invested your time and money in developing your business or talent, it is important for you to have legal representation in order to protect your intellectual property. Cole Law Group is here to assist you in protecting the ideas that you have created that can be regarded as a trade secret or that can be protected by trademark or copyright.

  • Trademark registration – Trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Many things must be determined including the mark format, identifying what goods and/or services the mark will apply to, and ensuring that no one else is already claiming a similar design or wording and using such on similar goods and/or services.
  • Trademark litigation – Trademark litigation typically arises when someone feels that another has infringed on their trademark by using the mark in an unauthorized fashion or for particular goods and/or services in such a way as to create confusion and/or mislead consumers about the source of the goods and/or services.
  • Copyright registration and infringement – Copyrights are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. The process differs depending on whether the work is a literary work, computer program, a work of the performing arts, a single periodical, multiple periodicals, a group of newspapers or newsletters, a sound recording or a work of the visual arts.
  • Trade secret protection – For trade secret protection it is important that the "secret" is not generally known, that the holder has taken reasonable precaution to prevent disclosure of the information and that the secret has commercial value. Trade secrets can be protected for an unlimited amount of time without registration as long as the holder preserves the right diligently.
  • IP consultation/advising – We will assist you in meeting all the criteria for protection and continued preservation of your intellectual property. Cole Law Group can help you in any of the above-mentioned stages of the IP protection process.

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