Protecting Your Business From Intellectual Property Theft

Your company's intellectual property is what makes your business operation unique. Unfortunately, unscrupulous companies, hackers, contractors and former employees routinely steal confidential data that can threaten a company's financial health if that data is exploited.

In today's fast-paced technological society and complex commercial environment, it has become increasingly important for business enterprises to protect and defend their intellectual property rights. Cole Law Group attorneys can counsel you regarding the best steps to take to avoid intellectual property theft. We work with business owners to craft contracts with strong non-compete and nondisclosure agreements to protect product plans, software, client files, processes and other trade secrets and intellectual property. If you are already a victim of plagiarism, infringement or misappropriation, our IP attorneys will mediate or litigate claims to recover your intellectual assets.

Intellectual property theft litigation is a complex process. Cole Law Group attorneys advise businesses throughout the Nashville area of their rights and options for protecting their most valuable assets. We will always look for a resolution that saves your company time and money prior to commencing litigation. If litigation becomes necessary, we will work to protect our clients' interests with a combination of strategic thinking skills, a high level of IP capability, and consistent client service and communication.

Asserting Your Rights While Protecting Your Bottom Line

Cole Law Group is a firm of litigators and trial attorneys. Our reputation, attention to detail and ability to prepare for a complex trial often means the other side is willing to find an out-of-court resolution. We strive to resolve cases through arbitration, mediation or private negotiation. However, if litigation is deemed necessary, we can represent you at trial or otherwise in all Tennessee state courts, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, the U.S. Appellate Court for the Sixth Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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