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November 2015 Archives

What Do You Mean I Am Just a Dog?

For many of us, our pets are our family. We treat them just like our children. Our clients are always surprised when they find out that their fur babies are not going to be treated as people or children in their divorce proceeding. What most people do not realize is that pets are considered personal property, or chattels, and are awarded to one party in the equitable distribution scheme, the same way as your chairs or appliances. Unlike child custody battles, determination of who gets the pet is very rarely based on the best interest of the pet or even the proclaimed owner. Typically, the person in the relationship that can prove the strongest ownership rights is the person that will win "custody" of the pet. Ownership rights are based on a number of factors such as: showing proof of who brought the pet into the relationship, who pays for veterinary care, who pays for the majority of pet expenses, whose name the pet is registered in, and who spends the most time with the pet.

What You Should Know About An Independent Medical Examination

In virtually all personal injury cases, once the lawsuit is filed and your deposition has been taken, the insurance company will set you up for what they call an Independent Medical Examination (IME). YOU NEED TO BE AWARE that this examination is not independent at all. The doctors who participate in this process make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for performing such exams, from the depositions that follow, and from expert witness fees for appearing in court. They are hired for one reason- TO DESTROY YOUR CASE.

How Can Facebook Help Me In A Divorce?

When initially speaking with an attorney in regard to obtaining a divorce, or immediately following retention of counsel, a husband or wife is usually advised to be wary of what he or she posts to social media sites. Such posts could potentially be used against the husband or wife if he or she admits to extramarital activities while separated, or the posts portray the spouse as a parent who is less capable of caring for the parties' child(ren) (e.g. posts mentioning drug use or alcohol consumption).

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