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January 2016 Archives

When Are The Limits of an Insurance Policy Not Really The Limits?

When an insurance policy has limits of $100,000.00, that is usually all one can reasonably expect to recover. However there is one exception to that restriction. In the event an insurance company acts in "Bad Faith" in attempting to settle your case, the insurer can be held liable for a percentage of, or the entire amount of the judgment entered against the insured party.

Revising Your Estate Plan Pre-Divorce

If you are preparing to file for divorce, you may already have considered the consequences of dividing your marital assets. However, have you given any thought to pre-divorce estate planning? Although the designation of your estate may not seem to be a top priority when contemplating marriage dissolution, determining how to divide your assets in the event of your death or determining who will make healthcare decisions for you in the event of a medical emergency are of utmost importance. Why? Failure to create and/or revise your estate plan pre-divorce means that your future ex could potentially be entitled to a portion, if not all, of your assets, thereby detrimentally affecting the loved ones you leave behind. Furthermore, in the event of a medical emergency it may be left up to your ex-spouse to make life altering decisions for you, and while it is everyone's hope that the individual would make the proper decision, extremely contentious divorces may govern a person's way of thinking.

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