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September 2017 Archives

New Equifax CEO offers 'total apology,' free lifetime control

After a data breach that affected some 143 million U.S. consumers and a series of missteps in the aftermath, Equifax has named a new interim CEO: Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr. In an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal, Barros said he wanted to express his "sincere and total apology" that the credit reporting agency had failed to live up to expectations.

How are S corporations taxed?

When you first set up a new business, it is important to consider the legal structure that you want to put in place. You might choose to work as a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or you might opt for setting up a limited liability company (LLC). If you do choose to set up an LLC, the tax implications will depend largely on whether it is an S corporation or a C corporation.

Why no divorce decree is ever final

It's finally done. You've spent months negotiating custody, support and property division, and the judge has signed off. You couldn't be happier and are eager to move on with your life. But is there is a possibility you could end up in court again?

How to evolve your relationship with your ex after divorce

When the divorce proceedings are over and done with, a transformation has to take place where you can establish your "new normal" with your ex. If you have children together, this will be especially important. You should make every effort to ensure some sense of stability for the children, so that they know that both parents are working together to support them.

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