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How do I write a corporate bylaw?

Bylaws must be created during the formation of any new corporation. They should not be confused with articles of incorporation, which refer to a much more general description of what the business is.

Bylaws are a detailed set of guidelines that you have full control of. They are created to determine what your corporation is designed to do, and what your limits of service are. It's a code that can always be followed by any corporation manager.

What needs to be included in corporate bylaws?

Corporate bylaws at the very minimum should contain information about the name, address and location of the corporation that is being formed. It should also state the directors that are being appointed, and the type of stocks and shares that will be issued.

The complexity of these bylaws will depend on the size and scope of the corporation, and might also be expanded to include conflict of interest definitions, shareholder meeting procedures, record-keeping rules, quality control standards and other issues relating to procedure.

Who are corporate bylaws written by?

Usually, the person who has started the incorporation process, otherwise known as the "incorporator" is the person that will write the bylaws. If this is not the case, then it is also permissible for a member of the board of directors to write them. They should be structured with the most general bylaws at the top, becoming more detailed as they ascend.

The process of creating corporate bylaws is a great deal simpler than the "articles of incorporation" since these need to be filed with your state office, whereas bylaws do not. However, getting trusted legal advise upon any concerns will be fruitful for the future of your business.

Source: Findlaw, "Writing corporate bylaws," accessed Sep. 14, 2017

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