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November 2017 Archives

Property division in Tennessee: An FAQ

Dividing property between you and your former spouse will probably one of the most complicated issues that you deal with in your divorce. The simplest method of dividing property is to consult with your spouse and decide how to split your assets. For many divorcing couples, however, this is not practical: The process is simply too contentious and too legally complicated.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Many people will attempt to form startups, but only a few will succeed. When it comes to business formation, there is sometimes an intangible factor that can contribute to success or failure: Entrepreneurship. Sometimes the risk factors that come with forming a startup can be mitigated only by a great entrepreneur.

Facing losses, suits and investigations, Equifax apologizes again

This week, Equifax reported in on the costs associated with its massive data breach. As you'll recall, the data breach exposed personal information from approximately 145 million Americans. The company's CEO stepped down less than three weeks after the hack.

How cyber violations killed a cartoon frog

Earlier this year, cartoonist Matt Furie released the single-frame comic that announced the death of beloved cartoon Pepe the Frog, which he first created in 2005 in the comic book Boy's Club and which later became a popular meme. So what led to Pepe's untimely demise?

Important things to consider in a gray divorce

If you are considering a divorce and you are past the age of 50, you are not alone. In fact, divorce past the age of 50—otherwise known as gray divorce—is becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to a recent study from Bowling Green State University, the frequency of gray divorce doubled between the years 1990 and 2010.

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