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High Asset Divorce Archives

Steps you can take to protect your small business in a divorce

As a small business owner, perhaps you have been wondering how your company will be influenced by your divorce. After all, a divorce does not just affect the spouses involved. It can have wide-ranging repercussions for a spouse's company, employees and business partners.

Property division in Tennessee: An FAQ

Dividing property between you and your former spouse will probably one of the most complicated issues that you deal with in your divorce. The simplest method of dividing property is to consult with your spouse and decide how to split your assets. For many divorcing couples, however, this is not practical: The process is simply too contentious and too legally complicated.

Important things to consider in a gray divorce

If you are considering a divorce and you are past the age of 50, you are not alone. In fact, divorce past the age of 50—otherwise known as gray divorce—is becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to a recent study from Bowling Green State University, the frequency of gray divorce doubled between the years 1990 and 2010.

Why no divorce decree is ever final

It's finally done. You've spent months negotiating custody, support and property division, and the judge has signed off. You couldn't be happier and are eager to move on with your life. But is there is a possibility you could end up in court again?

Who pays for school tuition after divorce?

Going through a divorce with kids of a school age can be extremely tough. You will want to ensure that their lives remain as normal and as stable as possible through the whole transition. So one of the first priorities is to ensure that their school life goes uninterrupted. If your children are enrolled at a private school, then the question naturally arises as to which spouse will take on the burden of the private school tuition fees going forward.

Think about taxes as you divorce

No matter your income, divorce can be pricey. Divorce is life altering to say the least. You will have to adjust to life apart. It is possible that you may have to get a new place of residence. You will need to go through all of your belongings and divide up your life as you know it. It is likely that your financial plan for the future will need to be adjusted. This can be because you will be reduced to one income. Your children will factor in. The division and selling of assets can also make a difference.

Are 401(k) plans negotiable divorce assets?

Divorces are never easy, and navigating the financial side alone can be a complex task. But when it comes to the financial negotiations, it is vitally important to keep a level head and do your research. In a high-asset divorce there is a lot at stake, and financial negotiations can become highly disputed.

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