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pexels-rene-asmussen-1932666-300x225The exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work, or a copyright, provides protection to its owner and that person’s original expression of an idea or thought. The film released on May 27, 2022, “Top Gun: Maverick”, has recently found itself involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit. The classic film “Top Gun,” featuring Tom Cruise in the starring role, is based on a magazine article written in 1983. The heirs of the author of the magazine article filed a lawsuit on June 6, 2022, in federal court in Los Angeles, California alleging copyright infringement.[i] The heirs claim that Paramount Global’s rights to the original magazine story expired in 2022.[ii]

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a form of intellectual property that secures “original works of authorship” once the creator has created a “tangible form of expression.”[iii] A copyright is able to protect a wide variety of works, including photographs, musical compositions, books, plays, architectural renderings, and movies.[iv] Once a creator composes the original work and creates a tangible item from it, that person become the creator and copyright owner. The United States law regarding copyrights awards the creator and copyright owner with exclusive rights to make copies of the work, display the work, and, important to the case at hand, assemble derivative works based upon the original work. The original owner of the copyright also carries the right to allow or authorize other individuals or companies to exercise the exclusive rights they hold. Lastly, the original owner and its heirs have the right to terminate granted rights after thirty-five years.

Legal Support in the Growing Esports IndustryBelong-Arena-2-300x225

The global esports industry has grown rapidly, from an underground movement to current events at Madison Square Garden. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, esports is the world of competitive video gaming. No longer is it confined to the bedrooms of teenagers or the basement of parental homes. The newly popular industry now garners hundreds of millions of viewers each year and is estimated to bring in $2 billion in revenue in 2022. The industry has captured the attention of companies such as Amazon, NASCAR, and Mastercard, all of which committed themselves to sponsorship deals with various esports events in August 2021.[i]

Here in Tennessee alone, the esports industry has already developed a foothold, and it is only getting stronger. Belong Gaming Arenas, a massive UK-based esports gaming company, is on a mission to open 500 arenas in the United States, with one recent opening in Franklin, Tennessee at Cool Springs Galleria – right across the interstate from our Cole Law Group office. Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Belong Gaming Arenas, expressed that “Nashville has developed an incredible gaming scene and we can’t wait to provide a home for the Middle Tennessee gaming community to continue growing.”

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