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Cole Law Group BlogThis article addresses why you should draft a Last Will and Testament, the legal requirements for a valid will under Tennessee law, and different provisions to consider when drafting a will. It is commonly said that only two things are certain in life. One of those things is taxes, and you probably already know what the other one is.

No one is required to have a will. A Last Will and Testament is designed to give legal protection to a person’s estate  before that person dies, and the content of a will goes beyond what applies by the default operation of the law. A legitimate will directs the Probate Court as to how a decedent’s estate should be closed according to the wishes of the deceased. Individuals without a will are termed to have died intestate. An intestate estate is distributed in accordance with Tennessee law.1

People have different opinions as to whether or not to draft a will. Those that do draft a will may differ with regard to what provisions should be used and who should receive what dispensations. Some people put lots of thought into giving gifts through a will to relatives, friends, non-profits, schools, parks, or other organizations. Others simply wish to leave all of their possessions to their closest family members.  Creative thought can be put into a will to leave a person’s assets in many different ways after their death.

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