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Entertainment & Esports

If you are looking for maximum protection and representation you can trust in the entertainment industry or the ever growing competitive world of esports, you are on solid ground with our Entertainment and Esports attorneys in Nashville. Cole Law Group takes great pride in helping clients succeed in their respective endeavors by providing wise counsel, fierce negotiation skills, and the personalized service and privacy of a boutique firm. We invite you to explore further to discover who we are, what we can do for you, and why clients choose to partner with us.

Our advocacy can benefit virtually anyone in the entertainment and digital media arena:

  • Songwriters, Performers, Authors, Photographers
  • Artist estates and management
  • Internet music business
  • Competitive Esports Talent
How Our Nashville Entertainment and Esports Lawyers Can Help You

The worlds of Entertainment & Esports do not operate in a vacuum. Our entertainment team is here to help you navigate these multi faceted and ever changing worlds with our knowledge and understanding of the industry's internal legal workings coupled with a decade of real life business experience. In order to provide full service representation for our clients, the Cole Law Group Entertainment and Esports Division is made up of four core areas of focus: Contract Negotiation, Intellectual Property Protection, Reputation Management, and Immigration Services for Performing Artists and Esports Athletes.

Meet Your Unique Needs With Business Guidance You Can Trust

The entertainment and esports industries, first and foremost, operate in the world of business. Contractual agreements as well as industry regulations hold strict control over your intellectual property, streaming content and future obligations. Serious legal problems can arise if you should find yourself in violation of one or the other. Whether you’re contracting a record deal or signing with a competitive esports team, you need someone with industry knowledge who has your best interests at heart so as to ensure your protection, both now and in the future. Anyone operating or looking to operate within these growing and changing industries should seek the assistance of an Entertainment and Esports attorney who is knowledgeable in business law and skillful in business litigation and contract negotiation.

While the roots of the entertainment industry lie in Business Law, the heart is found in the relationships forged and the networks created. This is true whether you’re in the music business, TV and film or competitive Esports. A client's success can often depend on his or her connections, and our team is committed to building and maintaining those crucial relationships. Because no two clients' needs are exactly the same, our attorneys are dedicated to giving the personal attention necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of each client's business and career objectives. Furthermore, Cole Law Group Entertainment and Esports lawyers are committed to serving our clients with unyielding confidentiality, solid business acumen, and the high caliber legal representation they deserve.

Protect Your Intellectual Property and Manage Your Brand

With the rapid development of technology, especially the internet and all of its social media outlets, there is an increased need for Entertainment and Esports professionals in Nashville to keep a sharp eye on protecting their legal rights. Streaming services, the advancement of digital media and the increased number of social media outlets have changed the basic structure of the entertainment industry in all of its forms. Streaming services and digital media have complicated how creators of intellectual property are compensated, while the rise in social media usage has increased the risk and exposure of those involved in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re an artist, songwriter, athlete or high profile content creator, you likely could be the target of defamation, and the anonymity of social media has enabled individuals to hide behind the perceived safety of their computer screens in order to viciously attack the reputations of high profile individuals. Now, more than ever, our entertainment clients can rely on our legal knowledge and experience with high profile defamation cases to avoid these pitfalls or defend against them.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Entertainment and Esports

As a member of the tight knit Nashville entertainment community, you have invested your heart, your soul, your money and countless hours of your time to develop artistic talent or hone your gaming skills. Now, more than ever, it is important for you to have legal representation to protect that investment. Cole Law Group Entertainment and Esports attorneys can help provide that protection by offering the following services:

  • Negotiation, Drafting and Review of Contracts and Agreements (management, esports talent agreements, performance, songwriting, co-publishing, merchandising, recording)
  • Music Licensing and Publishing
  • Performance Rights Registration
  • Entity Formation
  • Research of Trademark Availability
  • Copyright and Trademark Registration
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Temporary Visas for Artistic Performers and Esports Athletes
  • Artist Estates
  • High profile divorce (Division of Assets and Royalties)

Give us a call at (615) 490-6020 or email us via our Contact page to learn more about how our Nashville Entertainment & Esports lawyers can help grow, sustain, and protect your artistic or gaming achievements and assets.

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