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Military Law

Paul Tennison, who is the lead attorney for Cole Law Group's Military Law division in Nashville, TN, has the experience and knowledge necessary to aggressively advocate for clients in all types of Military Law issues. Paul understands the military investigative process first hand. He is a West Point graduate and served as an Active Duty Army Officer stationed in Korea and Germany. While on active duty and later with the Army National Guard, he conducted many 15-6 commander’s inquiries and line of duty injury investigations. He is currently a Captain and Commander in the Field Artillery with the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Paul's twelve years of service in the army is a distinct advantage for Cole Law Group clients, for while he was gaining an expansive knowledge of military law, he was also developing leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, and the confidence to practice law in high-pressure situations. Paul will fight for his clients, and he will be a formidable advocate for them in court.

Why You Should Choose a Private Defense Attorney

There are significant reasons why a savvy service member should consider hiring a Nashville military defense attorney and not rely solely on the counsel of Defense Judge Advocates.

First, your right to a free Judge Advocate is not triggered until you have been served with a charge sheet, have been provided administration separation paperwork, or have been placed in pre-trial confinement. Thus, if you are under investigation, but charges have not yet been filed, you do not have a right to free representation by a Judge Advocate.

Second, once a service member hires a civilian defense attorney and that attorney provides a notice of representation to the chain of command, the chain of command and law enforcement cannot interview or interrogate the service member unless the civilian defense attorney consents to such an interview.

Third, your retained private defense attorney can work with the Defense Judge Advocate. Hence, you will have at least two attorneys acting on your behalf instead of one, with our Cole Law Group military defense attorney acting as lead counsel.

Administrative and Disciplinary Representation

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard all follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice. When any member of the armed services violates a direct order or performs an act that is outlined by the UCMJ, he or she will face disciplinary action. The severity of the violation will determine whether the service member will go through a non-judicial process or be tried in a court martial hearing.

The possibility of military discipline can be a frightening prospect for a service member. Your career is important, and you have given your country many years of admirable service. So why should you put blind trust in the military system to work itself out, or leave your future in the hands of an inexperienced military trial attorney? Don’t allow your chain of command to walk over you. Work with a private Nashville military lawyer that shares your patriotic dedication to our country and offers you the representation you deserve!

The scope of Attorney Paul Tennison's Military Law practice encompasses representation of current service members who are facing military discipline, administrative action, or court-martial, and includes the following: military contract negotiation; disenrollment; court martial defense; Article 15 non-judicial punishment; Article 32 investigation defense; GOMOR; boards for correction of military records; inspector general actions; and med board representation.

Additional Military Law Services We Provide

In addition, Cole Law Group Military Law Division also represents military clients and civilian contractors through the security clearance appeals process. If you have recently had your security clearance denied, there is an appeals process that you can utilize to challenge that decision. If you are unaware of this process and do nothing, your security clearance will be denied. Paul understands the security clearance appeals process and is ready to help you successfully navigate it.

Attorney Tennison also represents military clients going through administrative separations and separation boards. If you have been notified that you are being considered for administrative separation and do not want to be separated, contact our Brentwood office to determine what options you have to fight the system and continue to honorably serve your country. Having a skilled attorney on your side at a separation hearing could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Finally, our military team assists veterans with many services such as: discharge review boards, correction of military records, military records requests, filing disability claims with the VA, and appealing VA disability decisions. You served our country well, and now as a veteran you should have access to all of the benefits you earned from your service. You deserve to have a military record that is correct!

Military Divorce

Paul works closely with Cole Law Group's family law team on military divorce cases, child custody, visitation, support and property division issues. If you are a military member contemplating or responding to one of these personal challenges, Paul can help you understand what your options are. Family law matters are more complicated when a military family is stationed overseas or lives in multiple states. Do not just assume that you have to handle your case in a certain jurisdiction. Consult with us first.

If you are a current or former military member and you need legal assistance, call Attorney Paul Tennison at (615) 490-6020 or send a message via our Contact Page. You are fulfilling or have fulfilled a commitment to serve. Let us now have the privilege of serving you.

Client Reviews
"If it was not for Mr. Cole I believe we would have lost a major client and possibly our business." S.R.
“Todd Cole, Attorney at Law, is well-educated and knowledgable. He and his staff work extremely hard to support your case. They are a professional group that shows compassion for what you have endured in a situation that requires legal advice and support. I recommend them wholeheartedly.” C.W.
"Every member of Cole Law Group walked me through a long and taxing litigation like they were my family. I can not say enough good things about this firm. There is no other firm that I would have placed my trust in like I did Todd Cole and Cole Law Group and I am so grateful for the way they were able to resolve my case! HIGHLY recommend." L.P.