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Truck Accident Lawyers in Nashville

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Serious Accidents

Whether you are driving on I-40, I-65, I-24 or any major highway in the Nashville area, you know that trucks are a constant presence. Unfortunately, for those drivers and passengers who end up in collisions with these trucks, injuries can be serious and often life-threatening or fatal.

At Cole Law Group our Nashville truck accident attorneys level the playing field against trucking companies, their insurance carriers, and their well-financed defense attorneys. We leverage the large firm resources that you need for a complex case such as this with the personal service and steadfast advocacy of a smaller firm

These cases take time and legal representation that knows how to uncover all of the facts and secure crucial evidence. We work quickly to help you assess your options and prepare a strong claim for maximum compensation.

We Can Determine Who Was at Fault

Trucking accident cases are often more complicated than car vs. car accidents because, rather than just the truck driver being at fault, there can be other potentially liable parties.

We will look at all of the facts of the crash to determine what went wrong:

  • Did the driver receive the proper training from his employer?
  • Was the driver breaking the law by speeding, tailgating or driving drunk?
  • Did the trucking company force the driver to spend too many hours on the road and drive while fatigued?
  • Did the trucking company fail to perform the proper maintenance on the truck, causing a tire blowout or brake failure?
  • Did a manufacturer make a faulty brake line, tire, trailer hitch or other part that failed at the wrong moment?
  • Did the loading company fail to properly secure the truck's cargo?

We Will Seek to Maximize Your Compensation & Never Settle Too Early

In your commercial truck accident case, there may be more than one party responsible for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering, allowing you to sue more than one party. Additionally, trucks typically carry more valuable insurance policies than regular cars, and this could also mean there is more compensation available to you.

Throughout the case, our lawyers will keep you informed of any developments and ensure you play an active role as your case proceeds. When a settlement offer is fair, we will advise you as such. If not, we will be ready to assert your rights at trial. Our top goal will always be to get the best result for you.

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