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Client Reviews

"I was being bullied and got fair and thorough representation through Cole Law Group who set things right again. Thank you so much for making things easy and equitable."

- H.C.

Invaluable Experience and Expertise 

"In the midst of a trying divorce settlement, Todd Cole and team lent invaluable experience and expertise to drive a successful conclusion. They gave great counsel and protected my interests while being sympathetic to the sensitivity of matters. An absolutely great team to work with!"

- J.C.

"Before you read the entire review, let me give you some background. I am a mother of three children under the ages of 7 and I was in a terrible place where I had no where to turn but into a lawsuit. I am not allowed to talk about it as it has concluded and all parties “agreed to a beautiful resolution.” Thank you for that Cole Law Group! That all being said, I want to tell you we are extremely happy and cannot believe this has all come to an end. Since I cannot talk about my case, I want to talk about this entire law group from Paul to Jake to Todd. These are whom I talked to most so if I missed someone, my apologies. I know nothing about being a lawyer, but I know about people. It’s my business being in the restaurant business for over 20 years. Things you cannot teach people are their personalities, their integrity, and their work ethic. I would normally say I wouldn’t want to sit at a table for 10 hours with a bunch of lawyers, but I would invite all these people to my house at my dinner table anytime. That is just how much we liked them as people. Now, as professionals, just astounding. There was such a calmness and a genuine strength that they exhibit because they simply knew the law. It was amazing to see the back and forth of their work and never once be wavering or scrambling. There was not one time this entire process where I knew I couldn’t trust them with the legal issues at hand and the pressures of having my family on the line. I was so fortunate to find them and them take my case. I also have to touch on the cost. They were completely respectful with billing. Often they assured me that they were taking billing into account to keep it at a mini-mum. I was so grateful for this integrity that normally you don’t just find. What it cost me was worth every cent and more, truly. You can’t pay for the piece of mind that their work accomplished for us at the end. If I had to do this all over again, I would and I would be so delighted to work with this team again. Excited actually! Moving forward, knowing that if I am ev-er in any situation like the one I found myself in, I know I will be covered in the legal aspect of it and I can’t wait to give them a call! Thank you from our entire family, you guys are truly the best."

- M.Z.

"Andy is one heck of a good young attorney, and we highly recommend his law firm."

- D.T.

"A highly responsive, caring and professional law firm. Very impressed with their services, attention to detail and follow through. My case did not work out in the end in my favor due to statute of limitations in the state, but the firm held my hand every step of the way. Highly recommend them."

- C.R.

"I appreciate the assistance I received from Cole Law Group recently. The team was knowledgeable and helpful and they responded quickly to my questions. Thank you."

- E.W.

"Attorney Todd Cole did a great job preparing necessary documents for our visas. Cole Law Group staff was very professional and we recommend it to anyone even if you are abroad."

- L.T.

"Excellent team, responsible, honest, accessible and above all human."

- I.I.

"I couldn't of asked for a better experience from the Cole Law Group. Mr. Tennison was always knowledgeable, patient and very prompt with my questions. He made me feel at ease with my case and I believe he gave 100% in every aspect. I would highly recommend the Cole Law Group."

- H.H.

"Paul Tennison was an excellent person to worth with. Not only did he take the time to explain the law in a manner I could understand, he was also very upfront with the cost associated. His office was able to turn around the documents very quickly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing honest and reliable service."

- M.B.

"We have used this law group twice with excellent results. The people are very nice and professional. I highly recommend Todd Cole Law Group!"

- D.H.

"It's my great pleasure to strongly recommend Cole Law Group and Mr. Andy Goldstein. Initially, I had few consultations with attorneys at Cole Law Group related to several interrelated complex issues. During these consultations, I always found the attorneys at Cole Group very sincere in not only feeling the client's perspective but also dissecting complex legal issues for the client to understand in plain words. It was then when I was introduced to Mr. Goldstein for advice on my visa related issue. I was completely amazed with Mr. Goldstein's ability to simultaneously consider several interrelated complex issues and identify the most urgent task needing immediate consideration within client's resources. Eventually, I hired Mr. Goldstein and he delivered quality services as agreed upon in the contract. I found Mr. Goldstein an amazing professional who not only greatly understands immigration law, but also enabled me to understand complex legal matters through his charismatic delivery techniques. On top of that, he is very sensitive to agreed-upon deadlines and put in extra hours of work (even on weekends) to compensate for any delay that may happen. As one example, due to a sudden, completely understandable and unavoidable professional commitment of Mr. Goldstein, one of our meeting scheduled for Friday could not be done. Mr. Goldstein immediately communicated to me and in fact scheduled the meeting on Saturday out of his personal time. He respects his client's time and is very flexible in making up meeting arrangements in a way that best suits his client. Finally, I was very impressed with Mr. Goldstein's unique writing skills, enabling him to synthesize not only complex legal issues in an effective manner but also to summarize multidimensional yet seemingly unrelated complex technical science-based information. And yes, their immigration paralegal, Ms. Linda Bandry, is such a friendly individual. She always ensured establishment of timely communication pertaining to the agreed upon tasks."

- B.W.

"The attorney there was very helpful and he took his time explaining everything we needed to know to move forward with a decision."

- G.J.

"This group can get anything you need done! They can do just about any kind of court issues! When you hire these guys you will walk away feeling confident that they will get things done for you!"

- S.G.

Highly Recommend

"I would highly recommend Cole Law Group. They went above and beyond to help win my case, and they have a excellent team of multiple attorneys, that make you feel like family! Thank you."

- T.D.

Video Testimonial
I Can Not Say Enough Good Things About This Firm

"Every member of Cole Law Group walked me through a long and taxing litigation like they were my family. I can not say enough good things about this firm. There is no other firm that I would have placed my trust in like I did Todd Cole and Cole Law Group and I am so grateful for the way they were able to resolve my case! HIGHLY recommend."

- L.P.

The Firm is Very Professional and Their Attention to Detail is Second to None

"The Cole Law Group came highly recommended and far exceeded my expectations. The firm is very professional and their attention to detail is second to none. They respond to emails and phone messages in a timely manner. They make me feel as if I am their only client and I never feel out of the loop from the planning and execution of our strategies to the courtroom battles. Overall I am very happy with the success of our cases as well as our relationship and look forward to the Cole Law Group being our go-to firm for our legal matters."

- F.T.

They Protected Me and Looked Out for Me and My Company

"As a new company in Nashville, TN with a presence that is mostly web-based, Ted did an amazing job helping to navigate my company through the pitfalls of early legal turmoil. Mike, was very easy and pleasant to work with on the accounting side and I really did feel like the Cole Law Group made my 'nightmarish' experience easier to bare. They protected me and looked out for me and my company."

- Real Life Trading

Cole Law Group was different. They Weren't Afraid, but mOre Importantly They Were Willing to Fight the Good Fight

“My experience with Cole Law group revolves around a breach of contract with my previous employer. Once terminated, I sought legal counsel. I found that either the lawyers that I contacted didn't understand the case or weren't interested in fighting a local giant. Cole Law Group was different. They weren't afraid, but more importantly they were willing to fight the good fight. I found Mr. Cole to be professional, precise and compassionate in handling my case. During the depositions he was analytical and strategic in asking questions. All this aside, I find that when I have a question about the case Mr. Cole or his coworkers are always there to answer any concerns I may have. I would recommend Cole Law Group to anyone who has a legal problem.”

- J.J.

They are a Professional Group That Shows Compassion for What You Have Endured in a Situation That Requires Legal Advice and Support

“Todd Cole, Attorney at Law, is well-educated and knowledgable. He and his staff work extremely hard to support your case. They are a professional group that shows compassion for what you have endured in a situation that requires legal advice and support. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

- C.W.

We Can Warmly Recommend Todd to Other Clients

We are a Swedish company focused to save energy. Our business has been established in Tennessee with the help of Todd Cole in collaboration with our Swedish lawyers. He has assisted in the establishment of the necessary agreements. In addition, Todd advised about American business models. This information was managed in the best possible way and we can warmly recommend Todd to other clients

- J.O.

If it Was Not for Mr. Cole I Believe We Would Have Lost a Major Client and Possibly Our Business

We hired Todd Cole to help with a business dispute. Mr. Cole was very professional to work with and took the time to learn about our business before ever contacting the claimant. Because of Mr. Cole's ability to diffuse the situation and his expertise in negotiating, we were able to not only come to an agreement for settling the concern, but he was also a key factor for us to retain the working relationship we had previous to the claim. If it was not for Mr. Cole I believe we would have lost a major client and possibly our business. I would highly recommend Mr. Cole for any business litigation, either large or small. Heaven forbid we have another issue such as this, but if we do I know Mr. Cole will be the first person I call.

- S.R.

Cole Law Group Came Highly Recommended and far Exceeded My Expectations. The Firm is Very Professional and Their Attention to Detail is Second to None

Cole Law Group came highly recommended and far exceeded my expectations. The firm is very professional and their attention to detail is second to none. They respond to emails and phone messages in a timely manner. They make me feel as if I am their only client, and I never feel out of the loop from the planning and execution of our strategies to the courtroom battles. Over all I am very happy with the success of our cases as well as our relationship and look forward to Cole Law Group being our go to firm for legal matters

- T.H.