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The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.
Sandra Day O’Connor


Todd Cole, founder of Cole Law Group, PC, is listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Rule 31 General Civil mediator and a Rule 31 Family Law mediator, which attests to his ability to mediate a broad range of disputes. In order to fulfill the requirements for both Rule 31 listings, Todd completed 46 hours of ADR Commission approved training for Family Law mediation and an additional 16 hours of cross-over training for General Civil mediation, after which he was eligible to apply for certification under Rule 31 of the Tennessee Supreme Court Rules. Rule 31 mediators are certified by the Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission and are well-prepared to facilitate the mediation process. In order to maintain their Rule 31 certification, mediators must adhere to ethical standards and continuing education requirements.

Todd views mediation as a valuable tool for resolving existing disputes by reaching solutions that are sustainable, thereby preventing future potential conflict. Throughout the mediation process, he acts as an impartial third-party facilitator, maintaining open lines of communication while encouraging both parties to be active participants.

Having practiced divorce and family law for over a decade, Todd is cognitive of and empathetic toward the emotional issues inherent in these matters. For several years he also enjoyed a successful career in business and consulting before entering law school, a background that affords him practical experience as well as legal expertise to draw from while facilitating business, employment, and other general civil mediation.

Benefits of Going to Mediation

There are several benefits of participating in mediation rather than going to court that make mediation a valuable option:

  • Mediation is often less expensive than going to court.
  • Mediation usually leads to quicker resolutions compared to court proceedings.
  • Mediation is a private process, unlike court cases which are public record.
  • Parties have more control over the outcome in mediation as opposed to going to court.
  • Scheduling mediation is at the convenience of the parties.
  • Mediation is less intimidating than court proceedings.
  • Mediation can help avoid acrimony between parties, especially in family disputes.
  • Mediation allows for more creative and customized solutions tailored to the parties’ needs and interests.
  • What is said in mediation stays in mediation. It is typically not admissible in court.

Advantages of Hiring a Mediator Who Is Also an Attorney

Mediators are not required to be attorneys. However, choosing a mediator who is also an attorney can offer several advantages, particularly in complex cases:

  • A mediator/attorney can help the parties navigate the legal aspects of their case and ensure that any agreements reached are legally sound.This is particularly pertinent for individuals who have concerns about the enforceability of their agreements or aspire to avert potential legal disputes in the future.
  • A mediator/attorney can decode legal jargon, offering clear explanations of the agreement’s terms and helping parties grasp what their decisions will mean in the long run.
  • A mediator/attorney exhibits impartiality and fosters an understanding of the opposing party’s perspective while navigating toward a resolution that is equitable and mutually advantageous.

Think of a mediator who’s also a lawyer as your legal expert friend who helps make tough stuff simple, keeps things fair, reduces stress, and can see into the future to avoid post-mediation issues.


What Todd Cole Brings to the Mediation Table

  • Extensive experience in resolving disputes as a plaintiff litigator
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Calm, unflappable demeanor
  • Impartiality and genuine concern for the well-being of all parties
  • Pre-mediation preparation
  • Dedication to achieving resolution in a timely manner
  • Trustworthiness and confidentiality
  • Perceptive analysis of issues and creative solutions
  • A stabilizing force that maintains control of the process and mitigates conflict

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Cole Law Location and Facilities


Todd Cole will conduct mediations at the firm’s Brentwood address or at another location preferred by mediation participants. The Cole Law office is conveniently located equidistant between Nashville and Franklin and just off of Interstate 65. We are ADA accessible. Outside parking is readily available.

At our firm we offer two spacious consultation rooms, each of which fosters a calm, neutral environment that is conducive to productive mediation sessions. Both rooms ensure privacy and confidentiality, and we can provide participants with separate access if required. Support staff will be available to address logistical issues promptly, allowing the mediation to proceed smoothly. Depending on the complexity of the case and the preference of the parties, we can utilize technology capabilities such as audio-visual equipment and video conferencing. Refreshments will be available.

Client Reviews

"Cole Law Group has been nothing short of spectacular for myself and family. Their knowledge and experience is a solid and valuable asset to have at one's disposal in today's world."


"Communicative, collaborative, and professional to the core!"


"A beacon of hope when my choices were limited (...). Not only were they able to look out for my best interest, but their calm and empathetic demeanor offered me both amazing legal advice and emotional support. I am eternally grateful for their service, and I wholeheartedly recommend Cole Law Group...


"Now, as professionals, just astounding. There was such a calmness and a genuine strength that they exhibit because they simply know the law. It was amazing to see the back and forth of their work and never once be wavering or scrambling. There was not one time this entire process where I knew I...


"This group can get anything you need done! They can do just about any kind of court issues! When you hire these guys you will walk away feeling confident that they will get things done for you!"


Excellent team, responsible, honest, accessible and above all human.


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