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Divorce in Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin, Tennessee is the quintessential environment in which to establish a household and raise a family. With its proximity to Nashville, the Cool Springs Galleria, Arrington Vineyards, upscale restaurants, and music and cultural venues, this diverse community has attracted sophisticated residents from all over the United States and worldwide who enjoy peaceful surroundings and an active lifestyle. Coupled with a booming regional job growth and a reputation for quality public schools, Franklin surged in 2017 to #8 on a list of fastest-growing cities in the United States.

According to the 2017 U.S. Census, Franklin can speak with pride about the following attributes:

  • It is now the 7th largest city in Tennessee.
  • Approximately 60% of Franklin residents have a bachelor’s or graduate degree.
  • The average income of a family living in Franklin is $130,286.
  • 80.4% of the households in Franklin are occupied by a married couple.

We can therefore conclude that a large portion of the Franklin community is made up of people who are married, successful in their professional endeavors, and affluent.

Williamson County Divorce Statistics

Sounds like the perfect life, and it pretty much is. Unfortunately, there is one piece of data missing. According to the most recent report from the TN Division of Vital Records and Statistics, there were 633 divorces in Williamson County in 2017. Therefore, desirable as their daily lives appear, a percentage of Franklin residents will experience at some point the harsh reality of a marriage in shambles, unhappy children whose lives have been turned upside down, a crumbling reputation, and dwindling financial resources.

Complex and High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

At Cole Law Group, our Franklin family law attorneys understand the unique legal hurdles and sensitive challenges that may confront you, as an accomplished individual with assets, during the divorce process. The decision to partner with divorce attorneys who are experienced in handling complex divorce matters becomes paramount in protecting your future, your family’s future, property accumulated throughout your career, and your personal and professional reputation. In some cases, filing for divorce is necessary simply to protect your custody rights, business interests, or your right to an equitable portion of the marital estate.

Cole Law Group clients who are navigating the divorce process benefit from our attorneys’ litigation skills and vast knowledge of business law, defamation, estate planning, and military law. Teamwork and experience in a broad array of practice areas augments our firm’s ability to navigate through complex divorce matters with the clarity and foresight that few attorneys in Williamson County can offer.

Cases in Point

Successful, hard-working individuals often face allegations of earning a greater income than they actually do, and in such instances, it is crucial to have engaged the services of experienced family law and business attorneys familiar with counteracting such legal tactics in order to achieve a fair outcome.

Economically disadvantaged spouses need immediate and significant financial support throughout the divorce process in order to continue paying family and household monthly expenses. Each spouse needs the financial wherewithal to pay legal expenses in order to prevent the opposing party from exploiting a financial disparity and achieving a one-sided result.

Spouses facing the end of a decades-long marriage after primarily serving as homemakers often rely on receiving alimony from their spouse on a long-term basis so they can continue to comfortably live their lives and adjust to the economic realities of life after divorce.

Given the contested nature of complex or high-profile matters, divorce can get nasty. Partnering with family law attorneys who also practice in defamation and privacy law can facilitate upholding your standing in the community as you undergo a rigorous discovery process. Cole Law Group divorce attorneys emphasize the importance of discreetly managing your case in a manner that maintains and protects your privacy while also safeguarding your reputation and integrity.

Selling or splitting business assets can make a divorce tricky. You need to know what your rights are and how to position yourself so your ex-spouse does not become your business partner.

Military divorce is very specific and must be handled by an attorney with extensive knowledge of military law. Jurisdiction and the division of retirement assets are significant considerations.

Lastly, but most importantly, when children are involved in divorce, their welfare and emotional health must be the number one priority.

Why Choose Cole Law Group

It is always preferable to resolve a divorce amicably and without court involvement. Cole Law Group family lawyers are experienced in prudently and efficiently negotiating for a mutually agreed upon resolution to your case. However, when a trial is inevitable, our litigation skills will take over as we produce a tactical presentation specifically tailored to your needs. We are a boutique firm with big firm capabilities and our family law attorneys are well qualified to fiercely litigate for you in court.

You should seriously consider Cole Law Group if you are one of the following:

  • An accomplished entrepreneur or established business owner seeking to protect your business interests
  • A high-profile individual interested in maintaining your privacy and reputation
  • A professional seeking to navigate the divorce process with confidence and precision
  • One of the parties in a pending complex or high-asset divorce
  • A parent who desperately wants to continue a close relationship with your child)ren) moving forward
  • A parent who fears that spouse may commit interstate or international abduction of child(ren)

Our Franklin divorce attorneys will partner with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving your goals. We work hard because we know that the quality of our representation will have a profound effect on your future.

Call Cole Law Group today at (615) 490-6020 to arrange a consultation. Your first critical step in the divorce process is choosing the right attorney.

Client Reviews

"Cole Law Group has been nothing short of spectacular for myself and family. Their knowledge and experience is a solid and valuable asset to have at one's disposal in today's world."


"Communicative, collaborative, and professional to the core!"


"A beacon of hope when my choices were limited (...). Not only were they able to look out for my best interest, but their calm and empathetic demeanor offered me both amazing legal advice and emotional support. I am eternally grateful for their service, and I wholeheartedly recommend Cole Law Group...


"Now, as professionals, just astounding. There was such a calmness and a genuine strength that they exhibit because they simply know the law. It was amazing to see the back and forth of their work and never once be wavering or scrambling. There was not one time this entire process where I knew I...


"This group can get anything you need done! They can do just about any kind of court issues! When you hire these guys you will walk away feeling confident that they will get things done for you!"


Excellent team, responsible, honest, accessible and above all human.


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