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Professional Licensing Defense

Protecting Your Professional Licenses, Credentials, & Privileges When They are in Jeopardy

Cole Law Group’s Nashville government and administrative attorneys are focused on providing professional licensing defense when your professional license comes under attack. Medical professionals who have committed their lives to helping others often suddenly find themselves as subjects of Board investigations and at risk of losing their license, livelihood, and ability to participate in the health care field. While heavily regulated by the Tennessee government, health care professionals must also contend with complicated and extensive federal regulations in the health care field. Physicians may even find their hospital credentialing and privileges at risk for reasons beyond their control.

Whether you are a doctor, counselor, teacher, or other licensed professional, our Nashville attorneys are knowledgeable regarding the plethora of sources of regulations that can affect our clients. Our lawyers know how to utilize the administrative procedures available to you in your particular case and offer fierce professional licensing defense throughout the intricate process of administrative proceedings at the local, state, and federal levels. Starting from the initial notice of a regulatory action or investigation all the way through the conclusion of a final appeal, our attorneys are proficient in advising clients on the best strategies for dealing with complaints in the regulatory system. If you are seeking to join a profession for the first time and need assistance procuring a professional license, Cole Law Group’s Nashville government and administrative lawyers can advise you on how to best achieve your goals and begin your career.

Developing the Best Possible Strategy to Overcome Professional Discipline and Bureaucratic Entanglements so You Can Progress Your Career

Cole Law Group’s government and administrative attorneys will take the time to truly understand the nature of your issue, thoroughly assess your options, and vigorously advocate on your behalf to defend your professional license and protect your livelihood. We understand that your ability to practice in your profession may be at stake. During these stressful and critical times in your life, it may be more important than ever before that you quickly secure a knowledgeable legal partner who can work with you on a collaborative basis to present your best defense against such a severe government sanction. When a viable solution may be possible without court involvement, we can help you negotiate for that solution. When court involvement proves necessary, we are prepared to vigorously advocate on your behalf and defend your rights under the law.

Professionals facing professional discipline may face numerous penalties, including public censure, suspension, and more. In some cases, a Board or other licensing authority may seek to completely revoke your professional license, preventing you from even participating in your chosen field or furthering your career. One of the most important parts of overcoming a professional discipline action is hiring a knowledgeable administrative lawyer as soon as you learn that possible action could be taken against you. The longer you allow the wheels of investigations and the administrative state to turn against you, the harder it can be to ultimately resolve your matter with a favorable outcome. The complexity and detail oriented nature of the administrative and regulatory process should not be taken lightly. If you engage the services of an educated administrative law attorney early in the investigation and administrative process, you will be more likely to have more leverage in the negotiation and a clearer path to a victorious outcome.

Call Cole Law Group’s Nashville government and administrative attorneys today at (615) 490-6020 to set up a consultation and learn more about professional licensing defense.

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